Crop Sensor locked "on" during RAW over HDMI... (E2 F6)

When recording RAW to the Atoms Ninja V, The Z Cam E2 F6 switches “Crop Sensor” to “ON”.

  • The Crop Sensor remains on and is not selectable while in “RAW over HDMI” mode.

I am wondering if there is a solution to this…as my 50mm lens looks like an 85mm lens…

I suppose a speed booster might allow my lenses to perform ''normally" ?

I have been unable to find anyone, anywhere mentioning this issue. I feel that it is very important.

Why does the sensor have to be cropped in order for “RAW over HDMI” to work ?

I have found further information on this:

When recording 6K ProRes RAW, there is no crop.
When recording 4K ProRes RAW, there IS a sensor crop.

this is as of December 16, 2020