ISO question for E2

I’m new to Z Cam and still working through some questions. The literature says my ISO can go as low as 160 in regular mode, but I can’t get it to scroll down below 500 before it goes to AUTO. What am I missing?

500 is native iso and the lowest you can go. 160 is possible in WDR i think

Thanks smnstrm! On WDR I get down to ISO 250. But the manual for the E2 states 160 for normal and 80 for WDR (on page 18).

The manual is for an older version of the firmware when the native ISOs were 160 and 800. In the current firmware, the native ISOs have been boosted to 500 and 2500. That is why 500 is the lowest you can go.

Thanks! now I can stop hunting through the menus. Marvelous camera, mysterious documentation. Is the AUTO, LOW, HIGH settings for ISO also a thing of the past? I can’t seem to find that in the camera menus, either. I sleep with the manual under my pillow, but I guess I need to bring a Sharpie to bed with me, too. :slight_smile:

Yes, the low, med and high ISOs are a thing of the past. There is rumor of a new manual. Let’s hope it becomes available soon.

Someone’s ears were burning over at Z Cam. Here’s a link to the newest manual: (

Very cool. The old one was getting pretty outdated.