PL Lens Fitting Issues

I just purchased an E2-S6 and was wondering if anyone is having issues with fitting PL lenses with the PL mount. I have tried several brands…Arri Super16 Super Speeds, Iron Glass, etc and more times than non the lens will not fit in the PL lock or if it fits the back lens will hit the inside of the PL mount not allowing for infinity focus. Anyone?

I haven’t had any problems with RED, Tokina, Xeen or Sigma lenses with the PL mount. I couldn’t use some Iron Glass lenses while one or two worked fine. I have switched to the MFT mount and use PL adapters. That has worked great and it is much faster to switch from PL to another lens mount.

Hey Larry,

Thanks for the response…I’m so thankful that there is a usergroup to ask these questions.

In my infinite ignorance I thought a PL mount was a PL mount was a PL mount… :slight_smile:

I’ve never had any issues with with RED or Alexa Mini when it comes to lenses and PL mounts.

Let me ask…the PL version and the S35 version are pretty much the same camera right. I ask because I wanted to purchase the PL version of the E2S6 but those were backordered so I got the EF version and bought a PL lens mount. I was wondering if there is a difference with the native PL mount…don’t think so but I’ve seen crazier things.

I am currently at the office trying every single PL lens we own and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Maybe we should start a PL lens compatibility list.

Good stuff about the MTF mount. I have one of those ordered…but they are in backorder.

Yes, the only difference in the cameras is the mount. Everything else is the same.

Seems like the problem with some of the mounts is they are at the edge of tolerance. I think some S16 lenses have rear elements that extend too far and hit the clear filter or eND, depending on which one you have installed. All S35 and FF lenses should work as far as I know.

There are supposed to be more MFT mounts shipping by the end of the month. Kinson said they would be the new locking type. I am planning to order one of those.

You are correct…All the ARRI S16’s Superspeeds that I’ve tried have been a no go with the PL mount. It locks but can’t focus to infinity as they hit the clear filter lens. The Iron Glass PL’s don’t even lock…but I’ve had issues with Iron Glass lenses locking with the RED and ALEXA.

On the plus side…all our Cinema Products ULTRA-T 16mm Prime Lenses worked…had to “shimmy” them a little bit they worked. Zeiss CP2’s work fine…All vintage Carl Zeiss Jena “Zebra” lenses work fine too. More lenses to be tested …prefer to try them against the clear filter on the mount than crack the ND being shipped later.