Remote Port funky?

I am new to the Z Cam family and have a question for those with more hands-on experience.

My new f6 seems to have a ‘mushy’ and possibly shorted Remote Port…or maybe not! When plugging in a Sony Lanc cable, there is no click when pushing it all the way in. This makes it come out too easily for my taste. Additionally, if the f6 is off when I insert the cable, it often turns the camera on just by the act of inserting!

My question for this group is, do yours act the same, or should I exchange this unit for another? B&H is willing to exchange, but it is a useless exercise if they all act like this.

Thanks all!

I have had the same ‘mushy’ plug in experience with the LANC cable from the Ninja V to the USB-C port on the camera.
The only way I have been able to get it to work properly is:

  1. plug in the cable
  2. power up the Z Cam
  3. power up the ninja V

sometimes, the camera controls become available on the Ninja screen…
most of the time, camera control is not available.
I haven’t found a process that works 100% of the time; however Record start/stop usually always works.